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Powerful is a book that helps women identify and claim their inner power & authority.
Nirupama uses the wisdom of archetypes to focus on the aspects of feminine power to provide practical tips for women to become the phenomenal leaders of their lives. Whether it is business leadership or leadership in any professional field or in relationships, the Six Feminine Powers model will help women become independent and gain influence and authority.

A Reader's Takeaways

Ideology of Power

You will get a new positive way of understanding power.

Empower Yourself

You will identify the 4 ways in which you become powerless.

Sources of Power

You will use the Six Feminine Power Model to identify powers.

Access your Power

You will get practical techniques to develop your powers.

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About the Creator of Powerfulife

Hi, I am Nirupama Subramanian. I am a certified coach, leadership facilitator, motivational speaker, best-selling author, mother, wife, traveler and yoga enthusiast.

I am the Cofounder of GLOW- Growing Leadership of Women- and the Founder/CEO of Powerfulife Solutions.

You can find more information about me at

I have used the sources of power and the related practices to overcome power blocks to achieve my goals and realize my dream. I know how to manage challenges and difficult times. I feel powerful and in charge of my life. I am sure that the Powerfulife movement will give women a way to identify and claim their power.

At a Glance- Excerpts

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