The Six Feminine Powers model is a unique model that uses the wisdom of the archetypes to tap into your powers. Archetypes are energies and patterns of behavior that are there in all of us. They are like the batteries that give us power. Too much of an energy can be dangerous and too little does not help us at all. These energies are the result of natural qualities and the cultural and social conditioning.

Why you should know your powers

Knowing our powers helps us become more capable and confident. We can channel the right powers to achieve our goals. We can become aware of our power blocks or limiting mindsets and overcome them. This self awareness will help us to live a powerful life.

Powerfulife Assessment

The Powerfulife assessment will give your power profile which is the unique mix of powers that you have. You will know which of the six powers you typically use and which are the ones you use less. You will understand your limiting beliefs and your power sources.

How to Take The Assessment?

Simply click on the link given below. You will be taken to the Registration page for the Assessment where you need to share your name and email id. You will be given a secure unique link to complete the Powerfulife Assessment.

Please answer the questions given in the assessment to the best of your knowledge. You have 3 options for choosing your Power Profile.

  1. Power Profile-Free Report- This report gives your Dominant Power and its implications.
  1. Personal Growth Version- Paid Report-This report gives you a detailed description of all powers along with details about your Dominant, Secondary and Latent powers.
  1. Leadership Version- Paid Report- This report is ideal for professional women in any field. This report gives you a detailed description of all powers in the context of your workplace and implications on your leadership. The report will also give your Dominant Power, Secondary Power and Latent Power.

We have exciting offers on the paid reports. Do select the option that suits you best.

You can use this Power profile along with the tips given in the book Powerful to lead a powerful joyous life.

Benefits of the Six Feminine Powers Model


Overcome challenges in life


Set and Achieve your goals


Have a better relationships


Find a good balance


Get focus and clarity


Enhance your self-confidence

Comparison of the Power profiles

Personal Growth Version

This assessment can be taken by any woman who wants personal growth to lead a powerful life. You can take this version to get an overview of your powers and power blocks.

Leadership Version

This assessment must be taken by any professional woman who wants to enhance her leadership qualities. Your Power Profile will share the implications on your leadership strengths.


What does the Powerfulife assessment measure ?

The assessment identifies your behavioral tendencies that correspond to each of the Six Feminine Powers. It is not a Personality type test. It does not label you as any one archetype. Your score indicates the frequency and degree to which you use that power in your life.

What are the good scores in the Power Profile?

There are no ‘ good’ or ‘bad’ scores in the Power Profile. The profile indicates your behavioral tendencies. How you use your powers and overcome power blocks will determine your results. A High score does not mean it is the best score. A Low score is not bad.

Are some powers better than others?

No. All are powers with a bright side and a dark side. Each power fulfills a basic human need and helps us in situations where we most need it. If you have a judgement about a certain power as good or bad, it is an indicator of the qualities you value or may overlook.

How accurate are the results of the Powerfulife assessment?

The validity and accuracy of the report depends upon your responses. If you answered the questions under normal circumstances without any pressure, the results are accurate. The Powerfulife is a research based tool that has met the reliability and validity standards.

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